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Greater Manchester Police is Institutionally CORRUPT!

Manchster pBy RICHARD CARVATH 24 February 2014 © Richard Carvath 2014

Manchester is the Mecca of Britain's 21st century vice trade. The reason for this is simple: the police force in Greater Manchester no longer bothers to enforce the law.

Six years after the mysterious death of former Chief Constable Michael Todd, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) remains shrouded by sleaze.

"Mike Todd was GMP's Chief Liability, and his legacy of corruption still stinks to this day," said Richard Carvath. "A bent copper boss turned the force into a farce."

The influence of organised criminals over the police is a matter of grave concern. The rot really began to set in when Mike Todd left his Assistant Commissioner post at the Met to take over as the Chief Constable of GMP in 2002. Six years later Todd was dead and the public began to learn the truth.

Michael Todd

Todd's womanising had long been notorious in police circles, but it was only after his untimely death in 2008 that his promiscuity was officially investigated in an inquiry led by Sir Paul Scott-Lee (then the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police).

"If they were to remake the 1970s sex-farce films today, scriptwriters for 'Confessions of a Copper' could find all their inspiration in the life of Mike Todd," said Richard Carvath. "The man simply couldn't keep his trousers on."

However when the man in question's a Chief Constable, it's no laughing matter. "Mike Todd was supposed to be running a police force – not a knocking shop. Todd's vices infected the whole culture of GMP, filtering down from him to all ranks, and worse, the criminal vice trade was able to establish itself right inside the force," said Richard Carvath. "Todd was a dishonourable rogue who should never have been Chief Constable of GMP."

Sir Paul's official report documented Todd's liaisons with dozens of women in his six years as the GMP boss, including women inside and outside the force.

"Sir Paul's team was unaware that investigative journalists had already looked into Mike Todd's contacts back in 2005, three years before Todd's death. Information was uncovered which was not available to Sir Paul in 2008," said Richard Carvath.

"Journalists discovered Todd's contact with a major organised crime gang which ran, and still runs, illegal brothels in Manchester, as well as Todd's appetite for pornography and 18-year-old girls. For his family's sake, I will never disclose full details of Mike Todd's activities. Suffice it to say that I've seen the secret dossier and it's pretty shocking. As Chief Constable, Mike Todd was wide open to blackmail." 

Manchester's brothels multiplied and thrived on Mike Todd's watch.

All brothels are illegal under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, and keeping a brothel is a serious criminal offence punishable by up to seven years in prison. Despite this, in Manchester the police operate a policy of not enforcing the law.

"It's been going on since Todd came to town," said Richard Carvath, "and the truth was slowly drawn out of the police in letters and emails over the last three years."

Greater Manchester Police disclosed a written statement of brothel policy in 2013 following a Freedom of Information request submitted by Richard Carvath.

"It can be summarised as 'We turn a blind eye to brothels'," said Richard Carvath, "and this non-enforcement policy is a self-evident fact given that so many illegal brothels continue to trade, quite openly, year after year. The best example of this policy in action is the long-running saga of Sandy's Superstars."

The Sandy's Superstars gang is notorious for running the most high-profile brothels in Britain. The gang openly boasts its 'parlours' are the best in the country on its website – which features dozens of prostitutes – and the Sandy's brothels have hit the national headlines several times in recent years. 

Four years ago, in February 2010, the Daily Mail referred to Sandy's as "a wellknown Manchester brothel" in an article about the drugs-and-vice scandal which engulfed the brother of Chancellor George Osborne. The Sandy's Superstars gang opened its second Manchester brothel in Northenden in 2003, shortly after Mike Todd came to Manchester. The brothel is still trading to this day, as is the gang's other brothel in Prestwich.

"The main brothel-keepers of Sandy's Prestwich are Sandy and Mark Hankin, and the main brothel-keeper of Sandy's Northenden is Adrian Burch," said Richard Carvath.
"The police know this and it's also common knowledge."

The local community first reported the Sandy's brothel in Northenden to the police shortly after it opened in 2003. The police publicly promised to close the brothel at a community meeting reported by local press in 2003, but over ten years later the community is still waiting for the police to act. 

The same police officer that promised to enforce the law left GMP several years later to become the boss of a private security firm with known links to the Sandy's gang.

Partners in crime

Therein lies the full extent of the problem. It's not just that the police have a policy of turning a blind eye, but also that they actively work with 'partners' all of whom serve the interests of brothel-keepers and the vice trade. 

"GMP's partner agencies and vice policy advisors are all in favour of brothels," said Richard Carvath, "so it's hardly surprising that the police are too." 

GMP's circle of partners includes Manchester Action on Street Health (MASH), the Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF) and the Professional Witnesses Group (PWG). 

MASH seeks the legalisation of brothels, the PWG private security firm runs a mysterious network of 'self-policing' brothel-keepers, and Manchester pimps regularly take advantage of free condoms and lubricants given out by the LGF. 

"Pro-prostitution champion Rosie Campbell exerts a considerable influence over GMP and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)," said Richard Carvath, "and needless to say, she ain't pushing them to enforce the law."

'Harm reduction' mythology

Of course, the police and their partners have an argument for why the brothels should be left untouched. They claim that the non-enforcement of the law is a pragmatic 'harm reduction' policy.

"Harm reduction thinking claims that brothels are safer for prostitutes than the street," said Richard Carvath, "but it's a lie of the brothel-keepers."
And the irony of the policy is exposed by the fact that most Manchester brothels refuse to take in street prostitutes.

"The Sandy's Superstars gang would never take prostitutes off the street because to do so might jeopardise its 'No Drugs' reputation," said Richard Carvath, "and also because punters wouldn't pay very much to go with them."

"The gangsters are only interested in evading the law and making as much money as possible from the women they control. Brothels are not safe houses or hospitals, but rather are dangerous places full of exploitation and the constant threat of violence."

Why should prostitutes be prioritised over everybody else in society, and is it really in the best interests of any woman for her to be assisted in maintaining a lifestyle of prostitution?

"Common sense tells us that harm reduction doesn't work," said Richard Carvath. Brothels do not provide a safe refuge from the street. Women are just as vulnerable in either location. Could it be that the real beneficiaries of the police's 'harm reduction' policy are the criminals running the brothels?

Full Article: Greater Manchester Police Institutionally CORRUPT! By RICHARD CARVATH

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About the author:
Richard Carvath - British investigative journalist

In recent years Richard's emphasis has been upon supplying his research to others rather than producing finished articles for general publication under his own name. His work is concerned mostly with the broad themes of business, politics, law and social justice. Richard operates throughout the UK.

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